Loading Dock Session #1

This Loading Dock-obsession is all about intoxication. The opening song in front of our Loading Dock is a Mexican tune about misery and Tequila which comes from our music theatre performance Naked Lunch inspired by the eponymous book by William Burroughs. It deals with alienation, nightlife and transforming reality throughhallucinogenic drugs. In KRYSALIS all percussion instruments are edited and transformed. The main track comes from our album KRYSALIS , released with DJ/producer Guy Blanken (Talismann/Makam) under the joint artist name Slagmann. 

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Tip: Listen with headphone for improved sound experience!

Tequila Song | Pepe Garcia

KRYSALIS | Slagmann (excerpt)

  • Vocals & ukulele: Pepe Garcia
  • Percussionists: Fedor Teunisse & Frank Wienk
  • Guest: Guy Blanken

Camera: Jasper de Gheluwe | Audio-mixage: Tom Gelissen | Camera-assistant: Glenn van Eerder | Light: Mike Deen

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