Loading Dock Session #5

Percussion; it’s not about Rhythm, but about Sound!

Our loading Dock transformed into one big resonating body. We combined the end of the epic tam-tam piece by James Tenney with the mesmerising marimba colours of Peter Garland’s Apple Blossom. Our guest performer was an overloaded Smoke Machine. 

We couldn’t resist to use our analogue effects and synths to add some electro-flavour. But for our Loading Docks only….

Tip: Listen with headphone for improved sound experience!

Having never written a note for Percussion | James Tenney (excerpt)
Apple Blossom | Peter Garland (remix)

  • Guest: a smoke machine
  • Percussionists: Lodewijk Bles, Pepe Garcia, Joey Marijs Niels Meliefste & Frank Wienk & Lodewijk Bles

Camera: Jasper de Gheluwe | Geluid: Tom Gelissen | Camera-assistent: Glenn van Eerden | Licht: Mike Deen

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