Loading Dock Session #6

It says it all, this Loading Dock is inspired by the donkey jawbone or ‘harrasca’, used in many places in Latin America. Hugo Morales uses new techniques, using sticks to hit it. 

In the Loading Dock our four percussionists are joined by four fantastic cellists to perform Martijn Paddings Cello Biennale Galop 2016. It’s an unconventional piece that was part of our One Page Project, in which 5 composers were challenged to compose a piece on a single page. Martijn managed to squeeze all the info on a single A3, while cursing us :-). As a payback we have to use our voices and toy instruments. 

Challenge: find the cup of coffee!

Tip: Listen with headphone for improved sound experience!

Batuccata | Hugo Morales (excerpt) & Cello Biennale Galop 2016 | Martijn Padding (excerpt)

  • Cellists: Larissa Groeneveld, Timora Rosler, Sebastiaan van Halsema & Jeroen den Herder
  • Percussionists: Pepe Garcia, Joey Marijs, Niels Meliefste, Fedor Teunisse & Frank Wienk

Camera: Jasper de Gheluwe | Geluid: Tom Gelissen | Camera-assistent: Glenn van Eerden | Licht: Mike Deen

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