MA(N|CHINE) première postponed

Kluster 5 replaces SDH premiere of MA(N|CHINE), Gaudeamus Muziekweek, 12 September at 20:00.

Because of potentially Corona-related symptoms, out of precaution the concert of Slagwerk Den Haag & Zeno van den Broek will be replaced by a concert played by ensemble Kluster5. 

Tickets for Slagwerk Den Haag will stay valid for this new programme. Ticket buyers have received a servicemail from Gaudeamus with more information. 

As soon as more is known about a new premiere date for MA(N|CHINE) it will be published on the SDH-website.

Kluster 5

The young and fresh Kluster5 was ensemble in residence at Gaudeamus in 2017. The line-up of violin, saxophone, guitar, piano and percussion makes them a unique exponent of the The Hague school. The quintet works closely with young composers to come to new creations and they like to present known music in wilful new arrangements.

All these elements come together in tonight’s programme. From an arrangement by Louis Andriessen – one of the first Dutch winners of the Gaudeamus Award in 1959 – to Aart Strootman, the youngest Dutch winner from 2017 with his piece Shambling Emerge. Next to that, a quartet of young composers from The Hague: Celia Swart and Alex Kordzaia, of whom two parts will be played from Kluster5’s new programme Perceived Reality, a rugged piece by Sebastiano Evangelista and a very recent piece by Amarante Nat.

Celia Swart – Boven Hoge Gebouwen
Aart Strootman – Shambling Emerge
Louis Andriessen – Deuxième Chorale
Alex Kordzaia – Kidew Erti
Amarante Nat – Carousel
Sebastiano Evangelista – 23:09

Daan van Koppen – saxophone
Isa Goldschmeding – violin
Jennifer Heins – percussion
Wiek Hijmans – guitar
Tim Sabel – piano

Before and after this concert by Kluster5, which takes place both physically in TivoliVredenburg and online, there is the Saturday Night Online, a digital programme hosted by Bec Plexus and No Compliments.

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