Fedor Teunisse

Mechanical Ecstasy: 24 and 27 March

Award winning dance company Club Guy & Roni and Slagwerk Den Haag create a Club Night where the party is the performance and the performance is the party. Beatrs like a mantra create a pathway to ecstasy. The music is composed by Jan-Bas Bollen and Thijs de Vlieger (NOISIA). Performers and audience experience a timeless feeling of freedom in a mix of stirring drum beats and fantasy images. But not for long, as the performance segues seamlessly into a party. Choreography by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver. 

This week to be seen: March 24th in De Oosterpoort (Groningen) and March 27th in Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

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Piet Heinkade 5
1019 BR Amsterdam

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