Now available: Slagmann album KRYSALIS

'Fabulous, alien yet organic...Tip!' - Hard Wax, Berlijn

After the KRYSALIS live show saw the day of light last November in Amsterdam, now is the time to release the album on vinyl and online!

Well over a year Slagmann (a collaboration of Slagwerk Den Haag and producer Talismann/Guy Blanken) worked on KRYSALIS. A genre-crossing album. Sometimes dreamy and dark, euphoric and explosive at other times, this mesmerizing cross-pollination between ritualistic percussion and drum machines will lure you into the murkiest depths of electronica and minimal music. The album has fourteen phases and is released on Talismann Records.

KRYSALIS is part of a new series of projects by Slagwerk Den Haag, called ‘Inviting the Producer,’ inviting creators of electronic music to explore the analogue set of instruments as a soundbank.

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