Masters in mathematics

Van Aug 2014 t/m Aug 2014
Duur 50 minuten
1 + 1 = music

Mathematics has never been so much fun! Children will find out that there is a connection between math and music. They will convert sums into sound and the process will also be reversed: music will be played and analysed back to numeric patterns. The children will have to crack the code. When everyone sits behind their desks or worktables again the piece 1 + 1 by Philip Glass will be performed, together with the percussionists. The only thing necessary for this are their school desks. 

An impression of van 1 + 1:

Age: 7-14 years (workshop level can be adjusted to age)
Number of percussionists: 2
Location: classroom or other space
Language: Dutch or English

More information

Slagwerk Den Haag has an extensive education program for children (aged 4 to 14) that's not only interesting for schools, but also for after-school programs or youth organizations. The children will get to know unexpected percussion instruments and there is plenty of interaction. Besides the regular programs, we can also offer customized programs, according to your wishes. Please get in touch for more information. 

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