HIIIT (Former Slagwerk Den Haag)

HIIIT is fascinated by everything concerned with sound, pulse and materials that produce sound. HIIIT performs and co-creates percussion music in the most diverse incarnations imaginable. Playing the repertoire, commissioning new projects, creating new works with composers and partners from other disciplines, and testing the limits and possibilities of ordered sound are all in a day's work for HIIIT. The results can be heard and seen in an extremely wide range of productions, both in cooperation with partners and independently; for a selection of our current work look under Productions in the menu on this page. Check our agenda (currently only available in Dutch) to see when we perform and where. 

From 1977 onward, HIIIT has been a leader in performing familiar and lesser known percussion pieces both in the Netherlands and abroad. The result is a repertoire comprising hundreds of works from all over the world. To get an idea, click on Repertoire in the menu on this page. 

In addition to its own stage activities, HIIIT is actively involved in talent development and education, particularly in and around The Hague but also beyond. For an impression, see the Talent development section. 

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