Slagwerk Den Haag (SDH) is fascinated by everything concerned with sound, pulse and materials that produce sound. SDH performs and co-creates percussion music in the most diverse incarnations imaginable. Playing the repertoire, commissioning new projects, creating new works with composers and partners from other disciplines, and testing the limits and possibilities of ordered sound are all in a day's work for SDH.

The SDH-repertoire comprises hundreds of works. A complete list can be requested by sending an email to: The following is a selection: 


Adams, John Luther  - Strange and sacred noise
Adriaansz, Peter - Three quartets no.43 (composition assignment for SDH, Matangi, Amstel Kwartet), Prana (assignment SDH, VocaalLAB en Catch)
Adriaansz, Peter & Altena, Maarten - TWOMB (composition assignment, part of Double Music)
Altena, Maarten - Table Piece (opdracht voor Korea), Scrape, Scratch & Shake (composition assignment)
Andriessen, Louis & Padding, Martijn - Gesprek (composition assignment, part of Double Music)
Ayres, Richard - No. 45a (composition assignment)
Baroni, Claudio - Baltasar (world premiere, in collaboration with VocaalLAB)
Bettinson, Oscar & Harden, Peter - Arco (composition assignment, part of Double Music)
Brackx, Joachim - Elektra (scenic work in collaboration with Studio Minailo)
Cage, John - Branches, The city wears a slouch hat (in collaboration with STET/Branding)
Dong, Kui - Scattered Ladder (composition assignment)
Emmer, Huib - Patterns of light (composition assignment)
Eycken, Stefan van - Hotel Palenque, 1973 (assignment SDH and Quatuor Bozzini)
Filanovski, Boris - He made forty (composition assignment)
Glass, Philip - 1 + 1
Gordon, Michael - Timber (composition assignment), Pinball & Grace (dance edition for SDH and Club Guy & Roni)
Gordon, Michael & Wolfe, Julia - Heartthrob (composition assignment, part of Double Music)
Graaff, Huba de & Putte, Jan van de - Double walk (composition assignment, part of Double Music)
Han, OckMi - In My View / Infant Joy / Sweet You / Seoul Counterpoint 2008 (assignment for Korea)
Hirs, Rozalie - Venus [evening star] [invisible] [morning star] (composition assignment)
Jeffery, Hilary  - Time Spell
Johnson, Tom - Mocking Bird (Dutch premiere)
Johnson, Tom  & Yudo, Luiz Henrique  - Back & Forth (composition assignment, part of Double Music)
Kim, Artyom - Express Delivery (composition assignment)
Kiš, Ivana - Look at her look at her look at her (world premiere, co-creation with Diamantfabriek)
Kondo, Jo - Paregmenon (assignment SDH and Quatuor Bozzini)
Kourliandski, Dimitri - Unsolvable Acoustic Case (assignment for SDH and Champ d'Action)
Kyriakides, Yannis - Telegraphic (assignment for SDH and Champ d'Action)
Kyriakides, Yannis & Marko Ciciliani - 8'66" (or everything that is irrelevant) (composition assignment, part of Double Music)
Lucier, Alvin - Kettles (1987) (Dutch premiere)
Momi, Marco - Lucida (composition assignment)
Nachshon, Roi - Last Day in Corinth (world premiere, co-creation with Ensemble MAE)
Oh, Seung-Ah - Words & Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi (assignment in relation to visual project Ji-Young Chae), Canonic Phase / Canon Interrupted (assignment for Korea)
Padding, Martijn & Andriessen, Louis Gesprek (composition assignment)
Paiuk, Gabriel - Hablar no es ver (composition assignment)
Paúl, Abel - Todo lo que no (composition assignment)
Putte, Jan van de - Vissen hoesten niet (composition assignment)
Reich, Steve Drumming, Music for 18 Musicians, Music for Pieces of Wood
Twaalfhoven, Merlijn - Spoor Verloren (for Dutch tv, NTR Podium)
Verstockt, Serge - Drie (assignment for SDH and Champ d'Action)
Vriezen, Samuel - 4 Weeks / 16 Minutes (composition assignment)
Weisser, Benedict - Stranger to myself (world premiere, co-creation with Diamantfabriek)
Wood, James - Cloud Polyphonies (composition assignment)
Wright, Matthew - Contact Theatre (composition assignment)
Yang, Ji-Sun - rOw Row roW (composition assignment)
Young, David - Underground (world premiere, miniature percussion)
Yudo, Luiz Henrique - Chinese Wallpaper




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