Loading Dock Session #10

Heaven is falling.

Peter Garland's Three Strange Angels have descended just before our loading dock to explore some maxi-minimalism! A heavy pounding bass drums pulls us to the earth, while a resonating piano and bull roarer fill the air with intense sounds.

Meanwhile at the loading Dock, Kate Moore’s space probe Cassini is crashing into Saturns atmosphere, mixing our specially developed porcelain percussion with an airy porcelain flute. There’s no escape from the gravitational forces and the planets surface is gettin’ closer and closer. Our Loading Dock is about to crash on unknown territory.

Three Strange Angels | Peter Garland (excerpt)
Cassini | Kate Moore  (excerpt)

  • Guest: Susanna Borsch | porcelain flute
  • Porcelain instruments designed and developed by Kate Moore

Percussionists:  Pepe Garcia, Joey Marijs, Niels Meliefste, Fedor Teunisse, Frank Wienk 

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