Loading Dock Session #12

We just love a green deal! 

Ingredients; 4 solar panels, an insane spinning light source, gaffer to mark our trajectory and Hugo Morales to create this transcending experience. Light is captured by small solar panels mounted on the percussionists’ chest. By moving and closing in on the spinning light they create a subtle landscape of evolving pulses. Like moths they are fascinated and attracted by this light-source until they burn themselves. As a prelude a resonating cow-horn that reflects some brute analogue pulses. 

Cow-horn Prelude | Fedor Teunisse 

Force Field | Hugo Morales (excerpt)

  • Percussionists: Lodewijk Bles, Pepe Garcia, Joey Marijs, Enric Monfort & Fedor Teunisse

Concept: Slagwerk Den Haag, artistic director: Fedor Teunisse

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