Loading Dock Session #9

The world DOES need more cowbell, especially when our percussionist Joey Marijs picks up his sticks! It’s a rational melody, but the execution is an insane upbeat for Tristan Perich’s qsqsqsqsqqqqq. Three toy piano’s and 1-bit electronics are filling up our Loading Dock, like quarks bouncing of our walls. It’s a mirror palace in sound, attended by our speaker-heads. Super-Mario on 21st century acid. 

Rational Melody VI | Tom Johnson
qsqsqsqsqqqqq | Tristan Perich 

  • Percussionists: Pepe Garcia, Joey Marijs, Vitaly Medvedev, Frank Wienk

Camera: Jasper de Gheluwe | Geluid: Tom Gelissen | Camera-assistent: Lidewei Egbers | Licht: Mike Deen

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