Lunch Music op festival ASKO|Schönberg ‘`Words & Music’.

Van sep 2022 t/m sep 2022
Duur minuten

Met Club Guy & Roni en Silbersee ontwikkelde Slagwerk Den Haag de op William Burroughs gelijknamige roman gebaseerde dans/muziektheatervoorstelling Naked Lunch. Vanavond klinkt de partituur die Yannis Kyriakides voor de voorstelling componeerde in een concertversie. 

Kyriakides over de compositie: ‘The concept of the music revolves around the idea of the polyphony of voices in “Naked Lunch”. Voice deconstructed into sound, text, utterance, and communication gesture. Just like in the narrative sense in Burroughs work, the voices in this piece are transmitting through interchanging persona, and in contrast to the corporeality of the subject matter are often presented through some form of disembodiment. 

There are several pop songs from the 50s and 60s used in the work and these are: “Shakin' All Over” by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, “I've Had It” by the Bell Notes, and “Greenfields” by The Brothers Four.’

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