HIIIT (former Slagwerk Den Haag)

".. one of the most venerable and important percussion groups in the world!" - Steven Schick

HIIT: innovative sound virtuosos, stage artists, and versatile co-creators

Our sound embraces diversity, from traditional percussion to unconventional sound sources such as porcelain and 3D-printed instruments. Together with contemporary artists and creators, we explore new musical horizons and foster innovation and experimentation in the music world.


Facts & figures

    studio: HIIIT has a working studio in The Hague with a huge collection of instruments

    partners: Club Guy & Roni, Korzo Theater, Orkater, Asko | Schönberg, Royal Conservatoire, Veenfabriek, Kytopia, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Koorenhuis, National Ballet, NOISIA

    co-makers*: Guo Wenjing (c), Yannis Kyriakides (c), Ralph van Raat (p), Louis Andriessen (c), Michael Gordon (c), Steven Reich (c), Arnoud Noordegraaf (vid), Wouter van Reek (de), Fabian Marcaccio (vis), John Luther Adams (c).

    playing field: Bang on a can (New York), Berliner Festspiele, Terschelling beach/Oerol, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Hockey World Championships The Hague, Holland Festival, slums of Cairo, November Music, classroom, Gaudeamus Music Week, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Vondelpark Amsterdam, tours: Europe - US - Middle-East - Japan

    quirky: sewage system artistes, firework accompanists, bouncy ball pullers, crowd engagers, blackboard artists, instrument builders

    figures: founded in 1977

    results: concert, dance, education, musical theatre (also for families), special events, talent development

    leading: SDH excels in core percussion repertoire from the last century

    press: ‘...dazzling percussion group, similarly combined virtuosity and theatricality...’ - New York Times, '...a triumph for fabulous sounds and inventiveness...' - Volkskrant, '...varied and exciting...' - NRC-Handelsblad, '...superior performance...' - De Telegraaf

* a=actor | vis=visual artist | c=composer| da=dancer | p=pianist | de=designer | vid=video artist  

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