Loading Dock Sessions

Our very own Loading Dock in The Hague inspired us to return to the fundamentals of our existence. We want to share our music and creativity by unboxing Slagwerk Den Haag in a single-shot miniature concert. No cuts and edits! Loading Dock Sessions takes you along unique sonic-landscapes, hand-picked and carefully constructed to give you a tasteful blend of Slagwerk Den Haag. These recordings take place in the Loading Dock of our home-studio, surrounded by a hardware store, garages and hightech drone manufactures. We open our doors and invite you to enter our world. 

We release a new Loading Dock Session every two weeks. Subscribe to the Slagwerk Den Haag YouTube channel and follow the Loading Dock Sessions!

Tip: Listen with headphone for improved sound experience!

Loading Dock Session #8

BAM! Nawras Altaky and Modar Salama go straight for our hearts with a song that touches the essence of our existence. We don't want to leave them and say goodbye, but inevitably our Loading Dock door will open. There, a different world emerges from the blown chords of Raphael, as fading memories into the slow pumping pulse in our lust cravings to an exploding climax. LOVE CODEX was written by Frank Wienk a.k.a. BINKBEATS for the production LOVE|NITE. It’s a trip through all of these side-effects of love. Here’s where we share our deepest fears and emotions. 

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