Trails of Wood

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Slagwerk Den Haag takes its audience on an hour performance with a central role for wood. From Volker Staub’s Waldstücke Nr. 24 using a basic tree-trunk as a starting point, to carefully arranged (Pieces of wood/John Cage), harmonics (Timber/Michael Gordon) and beautifully crafted resonances (Six marimba’s/Steve Reich) we arrive at our final destination: shredded wood. The above mentioned pieces are connected through brief theatrial interludes  (Branches/John Cage): from tree-trunk to wood shreds with a touch of minimalism!


- Waldstücke No. 24 - Volker Staub a

- interlude: Branches - John Cage

- Pieces of Wood - Steve Reich

- interlude: Branches - John Cage

- Timber - Michael Gordon (fragment)

- interlude: Branches - John Cage

- Six Marimba’s - Steve Reich


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