After 46 years, Slagwerk Den Haag will now be known as "HIIIT." Artistic Director Fedor Teunisse on our new name: "Slagwerk Den Haag no longer fits who we are; we've gone through so many developments in recent years. We've literally outgrown the name. The new name "HIIIT" reflects the reality and identity of our organization."

More than percussion
Over the past decades, we've evolved into a versatile and boundary-pushing ensemble that goes beyond traditional concert halls and traditional percussion instruments. We don't just play percussion instruments, which is why the name Slagwerk Den Haag no longer suits us. Furthermore, we don't want to limit ourselves with a name. With our new name, we have the flexibility to go in any direction. The name change marks a milestone in our ongoing growth and ambition, our commitment to exploring new musical horizons, and promoting innovation in the world of music.

HIIIT shapes music, space, time, and matter through sound and sound design. This is graphically reflected in the new name, with the use of three I's providing the opportunity to play with space and time. "HIIIT not only stimulates the hearing but also activates other senses," according to Fedor Teunisse. The new design can be seen on our social media channels, and the website will follow soon.

Since our founding in 1977, we've built an unparalleled reputation in both national and international music circles. Fedor Teunisse says, "The old name could be a challenge abroad, which is not the case with HIIIT. It's international, catchy, and pronounceable. This aligns with our goal of being accessible to a broader audience. Moreover, the new name reflects our international reach."

 We eagerly look forward to what the future holds and remain dedicated to providing exceptional musical experiences to all of you!

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