Update COVID-19

Because of the measures taken around the containment of the COVID-19 virus, unfortunately it is now clear that all concerts and performances by Slagwerk Den Haag, in the Netherlands and abroad, are cancelled until March 31st. 

Incase you already bought tickets, it can take some time before it is clear how each theatre deals with the changes. Please check out the updates on their website for info about the ticket(s) you bought. 

Through these links you can find more info (in Dutch) about the cancelled concerts of  the Kwartet!-concert in Leiden (21/3) and Tuinieren met slagwerk in Nijmegen (29/3).

With NITE we would perform Before/After as of 12 March. The first performances of the tour have been cancelled until March 31st. On the NITE website (nite.nl) there is a handy Q & A for those who already bought a ticket for the performances in Groningen and Amersfoort.

Also concerts in Krems (Austria) and the Young SDH tour in Indonesia have been cancelled. 

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