Loading Dock Session #2

Composer John Cage has always been searching for new sound perspectives. In the original version of Radio Music the performer can only control the volume of the radios that are used in the piece, but has otherwise no control over the sounds produced by the radio channels. It’s about letting go and freeing music.

Cage was fascinated by the bringing together, at the time, state of the art electronic technology in an acoustic environment. We have invited audiovisual artist Darien Brito to create a 21st century version of Radio Music. This time we don’t use radio waves from the ether, but we hacked various online radio stations instead. The visuals are a three-dimensional translation of the spectral sound meters.

The Loading Dock Sessions started in a (corona) lockdown period.  In a landscape, originally written for piano solo, fits current times perfectly. Our landscape has changed, our perspectives changed, we need to adjust to new realities. SDH percussionist Joey Marijs arranged the original piano version to a version for percussion with which we aim to give the work a new identity and maybe offer the listener some consolation. This pandemic too is transient. Cage was a huge Zen admirer. One of the biggest lessons of Zen philosophy is that nothing is what it seems..

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Tip: Listen with headphone for improved sound experience!

Radio Music | John Cage, arr. & visuals by Darien Brito (excerpt)

In a Landscape | John Cage, arr. Joey Marijs (excerpt)

  • Percussionists: Lodewijk Bles, Pepe Garcia, Joey Marijs & Frank Wienk

Camera: Jasper de Gheluwe | Audio-mixage: Tom Gelissen | Camera-assistant: Glenn van Eerden | Light: Mike Deen

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